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Local Government

  • Michał Zaleski. Experienced, committed, and politically unaffiliated member of the local government. He has been involved in improving the welfare of Toruń and its residents for almost 20 years. He was elected as a councillor in the City of Toruń Council two times (1994–1998 and 1998–2002). Since 2002 he has been continuously holding the most important office in the city. Michał Zaleski won direct presidential election four times, and in three of them he beat his competitors in the first round. As Mayor of Toruń, he works will all local governments, regardless of their political views, since Toruń and its inhabitants are his priority.
  • Marcin Czyżniewski. Chairman of the Board of the City of Toruń. Born in Toruń on 13 August 1973. He graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz, and then from the Faculty of Historical Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He earned a PhD degree in 2003 and qualified as assistant professor in the field of political sciences in 2013.
  • The City Council is the decision-making and supervisory body of the commune (except for referenda). Its term lasts four years, starting from the day of its election. The councillors for the 7th term of the local government (2014-2018) were elected on 16 November 2014. They received the certificates of election on 24 November and took a solemn oath during the first session on 27 November 2014.
  • Once a year, a group of people who rendered great service to Toruń, is presented with the Award of the Mayor of Toruń. The idea behind the award is to honour those who, in a special way with their daily work, activity and involvement, serve Toruń and its citizens and contribute to the promotion of Toruń.
  • Honorary Medal of the City of Toruń is awarded by the Toruń City Council in connection with particularly important events in the life of the city to legal and natural persons, institutions and organizations for significant achievements for the City of Toruń and its inhabitants.
  • The title of the Freeman of the City of Toruń is an honourable token of appreciation for persons of recognized moral authority, of particularly durable and unique contribution to history, development, importance and fame of the city or to preservation, development and modernization of humanistic contents and ideas contained in the centuries-old achievements of the city.
  • T he handle of the key to the gates of the city contains a symbol (salamander in flames), a slogan (the inscription "Durabo") and the crest of Toruń (an angel with the crest). Below is the inscription "Toruń". The bit of the key is in the shape of stylized city walls.
  • The Great Seal is a symbol of the self-government authorities of the city of Toruń.
  • The chains of the President and the Chief Councillor of the City Council as well as the staff and bell of the Chief Councillor are attributes of authority; they stress a person’s position. They can be used during the City Council sessions, especially the solemn ones, ceremonies during city, state and other festivals of a special character – in Poland and abroad, official events, conferences, meetings and occasional events.
  • The staff and bell of the Chief Councillor of the City of Toruń Council, just like the chains of the President and the Chief Councillor are attributes of authority; they stress a person’s position. The staff and bell of the Chief Councillor are used to open and close sessions as well as to establish order and discipline during sessions.
  • Toruń has a collection of municipal identification signs, all of which are hundreds of years old, part of the city’s heritage, and which define the cultural identity of Toruń. The following are the signs of the city of Toruń and the symbols of the self-government authority...