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International Contacts

  • Toruń was honoured with the Honorary Plaque of the Council of Europe. This is the second high distinction, (after the honorary flag), given to us for actions we made for the sake of European unity. The message about granting of this prize came on the first of May 2005, on the first anniversary of Poland’s joining the European Union.
  • On December the 6th 2001 Toruń joined the elite group of European cities, which includes several other Polish cities that have the Honorary Flag of the Council of Europe. Our city was given this unique distinction for international activity and for contribution in promoting the idea of European unity.
  • In 1998, during the 19th International Convention of the New Hansa in Visby (Sweden), Toruń became a member of the Union of the Cities of the New Hansa. The decision on this matter was made by the General Assembly of Delegates of this organization, which according to tradition lasting several centuries has the power to accept new members. However, the history of Toruń in the Hansean League is much longer…
  • One of the ships of the Polish Navy has the name and crest of our city - this is the transport and mine ship ORP "Toruń". Transport-mine ship ORP "TORUŃ" - hull number 925 - is one of five ships of this type, and is a part of the Second Command of Transport-Mine Ships, which functions in structures of the Eighth Flotilla of Coast Defence.