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Największe imprezy i wydarzenia

  • European Heritage Days
    The European Heritage Days are organised in most of European countries at the initiative of the Council of Europe, and patronised by the European Union. Poland participates in the event since 1993. The aim of events organised each year in September is the historic and cultural education, promotion of the regional heritage, including presentation of its variety, as well as reminding about the common roots of the European culture.
  • Toruń International Puppets Theatres' Festival "Meetings"
    One of the largest international events held in Toruń. Each year, our city is visited by several theatres from all over Europe coming here to present performances, whose main element is the animation. Contrary to stereotypes prevailing in Poland, it is not a festival addressed solely to children. During a week, performances for the youngest spectators are held in the mornings and for adults - in the evenings. The competing performances are evaluated by two juries: children and professionals. Each of the bodies grants its own award.
  • Forte Artus Festival
    Two evenings a week through the whole October and November are reserved by the "Artus Court" Cultural Centre for the Forte Artus Festival. The event includes meetings with well-known artists, concerts of very different type and even performances.
  • Toruń Meetings of One Actor Theatres
    The three-day review of the best Polish and foreign monodramas, which were presented at other national and international festivals of the one actor theatres. Therefore, is it called the "Festival of Festivals". The Toruń Meetings of One Actor Theatres refer to the tradition of the Polish One Actor Theatres Festival which used to be organised in Toruń some years ago.
  • The Toruń Book Festival
    The Toruń Book Festival, held usually at the turn of November, is the largest literary event in our city. It includes numerous meetings with authors, lectures, film screenings, presentations of new publications, exhibitions and concerts. There are also some accents related to Toruń itself.
  • Konkurs skrzypcowy
    The inauguration of the competition, which is held every three years, was launched in 2007. It is addressed to young violinists, who are under 30 years old.
  • Koncert Specjalny Pamięci Grzegorza Ciechowskiego
    Each year in December, the Special Concert in memory of Grzegorz Ciechowski is being organised in the Od Nowa club. The invitation to attend the event is accepted by the greatest celebrities of the Polish stage. We hosted, inter alia, Justyna Steczkowska, Kasia Nosowska and Hey, Tomek Lipiński, Maria Peszek, Muniek Staszczyk, Kazik Staszewski, the Mech band and many others.
  • Logo
    Toruń Short Film Festival (TSFF) is the first festival platform in Poland entirely dedicated to the presentation of short films. Each year, the Polish films contest is organised during which spectators select the best production. The TSFF includes also thematic reviews, presentations of artistic achievements, as well as meetings with movie makers and special events.
  • Logo Festiwalu Pieśni i Piosenki Bożonarodzeniowej
    Every year, Toruń is visited by several hundreds of artists from across the Poland: soloists, vocal and instrumental ensembles and choirs. Each of them presents two songs: a traditional carol and a Christmas song. But of course, it is possible to sing two carols.
  • "Africa" is one of the oldest Polish reggae festivals – takes place continuously since 1991. At the same time, it is a great charity action and this is what distinguishes it from other similar events. The total income from tickets and fees for artists goes to specific locations of the poorest parts of Africa.
  • Logo Jazz Od Nowa Festiwal
    The Jazz Od Nowa Festival has a special place among events organised in the Toruń Od Nowa Club. Its inauguration in 2001 was a crowning achievement of the crucial aspect of the Club’s activities, in which jazz has a prominent place. The following editions of the festival are still very popular. Artists performing acoustic mainstream, free jazz, jazz rock can be easily found in the Od Nowa Club, however it is also likely to meet artists loosely connected with jazz.
  • Once a year, the Toruń District of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers presents the most interesting achievements of its members. The Work of the Year exhibition, due to the exposition time, is also sometimes called the “Spring Salon”. It is the widest cyclical presentation of the Toruń artistic society.
  • Logo "Klamry"
    Each year in March, the Toruń Od Nowa Club turns into a real theatre. It is hard to believe that a place, where noisy rock concerts are organised every day, may become a temple of the theatre.
  • The festival takes place at the Modern Art Centre since 2008. The first edition was organised before the official opening of the facility. The main objective of organisers is to present new trends in contemporary audio and visual arts, in the atmosphere of mutual understanding and complementarity.
  • The "Tuba Satyrica" National Satiric and Humorous Drawing Contest was held for the first time in 2004. It is addressed to artists professionally involved in caricature and satiric drawings, as well as to students of artistic high schools. It takes place cyclically as a biennale.