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Służby utrzymania miasta

  • Gas

    Gas at the territory of the city is provided by the Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa - Gas Plant in Bydgoszcz – Gas Distribution Area in Toruń.
  • The Municipal Sanitation Company Ltd. (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania Spółka z o.o.) is the largest company in Toruń dedicated to maintaining streets and squares in purity, removal and disposal of wastes, as well as landfill management.
  • Toruń is supplied with water by the Toruń Waterworks Company Ltd. (Toruńskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.). The Company maintains also the sewerage system and sewage treatment plants.
  • The city is currently supplied with electricity by the Koncern Energetyczny Energa SA division in Toruń.