Symbols of Toruń's self-government |

Symbols of Toruń's self-government

Toruń has a collection of municipal identification signs, all of which are hundreds of years old, part of the city’s heritage, and which define the cultural identity of Toruń. The following are the signs of the city of Toruń and the symbols of the self-government authority:

  • the crest
  • the colours, the flag and the banner of the city
  • the bugle-call
  • the key
  • the seals
  • the chains of the President of Toruń and the Chief Councillor
  • the staff and the bell of the Chief Councillor

The signs of the city of Toruń are protected by law. Their spreading and use require the President of Toruń’s written approval which can be granted after a description of the use of the signs (a form, letter, object example, etc.) has been submitted for approval. The approval may be granted on conditions established by the President, also for a payment.

Presenting the Chief Councillor with the insignia (the chain, the great seal, the seal of the Chief Councillor, the staff and the bell) takes place in a solemn manner, in a session during which the Chief Councillor is elected or in the following one. The past Chief Councillor presents the insignia to the newly elected Chief Councillor (by putting on the chain and presenting him with the seal, the staff and the bell).

Presenting the President with the insignia takes place in a solemn manner in a session of the City Council, during which the President takes a vow. Alternatively in the following session, the retiring President gives his insignia (the chain, the president’s seal and the key) to the new President.

The banner of the city of Toruń is brought in during the first session of the newly elected Council. Councillors, after having taken a vow, pay homage to the banner by kneeling and kissing the edge of its bunting. Moreover, the banner is brought in at ceremonious sessions of the Council, during funerals of Honorary Citizens of the City of Toruń, and at places where the city of Toruń is formally represented.

The author of the graphic designs of the symbols of Toruń’s Self-government is artist Lech Tadeusz Karczewski.