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Staff and Bell

The staff and bell of the Chief Councillor of the City of Toruń Council, just like the chains of the President and the Chief Councillor are attributes of authority; they stress a person’s position. The staff and bell of the Chief Councillor are used to open and close sessions as well as to establish order and discipline during sessions.

The bell of the Chief Councillor of the City Council -
contains the crest of the Old and New Towns of Toruń and of Podgórz. The circumscription reads: "Vox Civitatis Toruniensis" ("The Voice of Toruń’s Townspeople") written in majuscule.


Dzwonek Przewodniczącego Rady Miasta Torunia


Głowica laski Przewodniczącego Rady Miasta Torunia



The staff of the Chief Councillor -
is two-part, joined below the handle, and made of rounded wood 165 cm long. The staff is composed of a head, loom and foot.

The 25 cm long head of the staff is made of metal. It is composed of: corona muralis at the top,– three symmetrically placed plaques with the crest of Toruń rove over a bush below the corona which is surrounded by a stylised banderol with a salamander in flames and the motto of the city: "Durabo".

The 15 cm long part of the staff handle has bands of metal. The lower part of the staff is decorated with an ornament and ends with a 10 cm high metal foot.

When the staff is not used, it is placed in a special stand.