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Weather in Toruń

The warmest months in Toruń are July, August, and June. The coldest ones are January and February.

  • July is the most rainy month in Toruń. The least precipitation has been observed in February.
  • The warmest months in Toruń are July, August and June. The coldest are January and February, when average temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius.
  • The rainiest month is July, then June. The smallest amount of rainfalls is noted in February.
  • May is the month, when Toruń is visited by the greatest number of tourists. It is high spring and warm, with little rainfall, and the cultural season is in its height. The last few years have shown that the May tourist peak expands also into June and the remaining summer months - especially that Toruń is vibrant with artistic life all summer long.
  • Many tourists visit the city also in September - a warm month with little rainfall, which creates an excellent opportunity to admire Toruń in its autumnal vestment.

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