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Cosmopolis Fountain

Cosmopolis fountain

Water shows during the day and colourful lights, water effects and music during the evening and at night. Spectacular shows of the Cosmopolis Fountain are one of the most popular attractions of Toruń, attracting crowds of residents and tourists in the season every day.

The Fountain was started up on 22 June 2008, in the square near the university's Harmonica building (today the square bears the name of Lucjan Broniewicz), at the edge of Toruń's Old Town. Its design had been prepared by a local artist, Zbigniew Mikielewicz and project documentation had been provided by the FORMA architectural studio from Warsaw, while the investment itself was realized by Gutkowski company from Leszno.

The Fountain refers to the famous work by Nicolaus Copernicus, "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres". Its water surface is invisible, covered by granite plates with the inscribed Latin text and a model of the heliocentric system, known from the 8th page of this work. The rings – orbits of individual planets – carry 113 water nozzles, sprinkling water in combination with light effects. The nozzle that is located in the centre, where the Sun is, lets the water to be sprinkled up to 5m high, while the orbital nozzles – up to 4.5m. The Fountain is controlled electronically.

For the inauguration of the Toruń's fountain, a musical composition entitled "Cosmopolis" was composed by Krzesimir Dębski, famous Polish composer and film score creator. "Cosmopolis" was recorded by the musicians from the Toruń's Symphony Orchestra and the Astrolabium Choir of Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa. The setting of lights and water forms to the music was prepared by the light director Bogumił Palewicz, famous both in Poland and in the world.

In subsequent years the repertoire of the works comprising the background for the fountain shows has been expanding. Apart from "Cosmopolis", we may hear well-known film themes from "Love Story" and "Gladiator", as well as "Ode to Joy" (the show to this music was prepared in 2011, for the Polish Presidency of the EU). From August 2012, the Ode to Joy show was replaced by a show to the film music by Polish composer Michał Lorenc.

The schedule of the Cosmopolis Fountain changes depending on the season and the changing time of dusk – spectacular effect may only be achieved in darkness. The shows start at 21.00 and end at midnight. During each hour we have four shows, each to a different piece of music. These are, in the following order:

  • Film music by Michał Lorenc
  • Film music from "Love Story"
  • Film music from "Gladiator"
  • Cosmopolis

There are a few-minutes long breaks between the shows.

It is vital to know that the illumination of Toruń's fountain was appreciated by the jury of the competition "The best lit commune and city of 2009", obtaining the first prize in the category of "Lightning of a selected area or object" in cities with over 70 thousand residents.