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Toruń's Cemeteries

Toruń's Cemeteries

Toruń's Cemeteries, available on, is a website devoted to Toruń's necropolies.

The website, complete with a mobile app, makes it easier for users to search for tombstones, and tells the history of Toruń's cemeteries.

The website features descriptions of all Toruń’s necropoleis – both municipal and parochial – which are the sites of national remembrance, as well as the cemeteries that are already closed or non-existent. You will find here detailed historical, cultural, architectural, and nature descriptions as well as guidelines for repair or restoration works and photo galleries. A separate section of the website has been devoted to Toruń’s sites of national remembrance.

What's more, the website features a search engine for tombs located in the municipal cemeteries. Having typed in the necessary information, e.g. the first and last names of the people whose tomb we are searching for, we will access the tombs, their locations and photos. The exact locations of tombstones are indicated on the general plan of the cemetery, with the relevant section, row, and number.

One can also download a mobile app, Grobonet, which allows users to get to a given tomb. Once the tombstone is found, the application offers basic information, and one can also use the option of pinpointing the tombstone’s location on the cemetery's map (powered by Google Maps).

The website was created by the municipal company Urbitor.

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