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Cycle routes in the City

Toruń’s cycle routes network now extends over more than 80 km. The city is building new routes for cyclists under its Cycle Transport Development Programme and as part of the ongoing road investment and renovation projects.

Toruń by bike – ever faster and more convenient
The city is committed to developing its cycling infrastructure. This is to encourage Toruń’s residents to use their bikes for everyday commuting to work or school, and to spend their free time actively. The growing number of cyclists on the streets proves that the efforts to create favourable conditions for this green and healthy means of transport have been worthwhile. All bikeways to be built in 2015 will be made of asphalt for a comfortable and safe user experience.

Where are we building cycle routes?

  • In 2015, bikeways will be created during the redevelopment of road sections along Łódzka, Gagarina, Rudacka, Konstytucji 3 Maja and Odrodzenia Streets, and during the renovation of Piastowska St.

  • The construction of the second stage of the Northern Cross-city Route (TŚP), section between Grudziądzka and Skłodowskiej-Curie Streets, will be an opportunity to create a bike lane on its southern side. The redeveloped section of Szosa Chełmińska road will have bike lanes on both sides. These will join the existing cycling infrastructure in the area of Bema St. and the Cross-City Route. The new transport network on the Jar housing estate will also include bikeways.

  • During the redevelopment of Toruń Główny railway station, the square adjoining Kujawska St. will be provided with sheltered bike parking racks, accessible through a short path linked to Dybowska St.

  • In the vicinity of Toruń Miasto railway station there will also be some amenities for cyclists, with a path to Pokoju Toruńskiego Square and Traugutta St. This station will also be provided with a sheltered bike parking equipped with surveillance cameras.

In addition, under its "Bike Transport Development Programme 2007-2015" the City will:

  • build a bikeway and redevelop the pavement along Szosa Lubicka St. between Jamontta and Łyskowskiego Streets;
  • build a bikeway and redevelop the pavement along Bukowa St.; and
  • redevelop the bikeway along Konstytucji 3 Maja St. between Śląskiego and Przy Skarpie Streets, and build cycling infrastructure in the vicinity of To-Mi-To Square.

In 2015 the City has created a bikeway section along Grudziądzka St. between Kościuszki and Jeśmanowicza Streets. This connected two bikeways on the eastern side of the street.

New bike racks are also being installed all over the City.

Bike plans for the future
In 2015, the Municipal Road Authority will develop a plan for the development of bike transport for 2016-2022 and updated technical standards and secondary legislation for cycling infrastructure in Toruń to comply with the new rules and regulations. “Toruń Bicycle Transport Development Concept for 2016-2022” will be the leading document to drive the development of cycling infrastructure in Toruń. The Concept will present optimum solutions to ensure improved everyday cycling conditions in the City. It will also take into account the needs of tourism and recreation-oriented bike users. The Concept will further serve as the basis for the “Bike Transport Development Plan for 2016-2022” which will be presented to Toruń City Council. It will include the description of the existing cycling infrastructure, bike traffic data, key development directions and estimated costs of measures proposed in the Plan.

Bicycle repair stations
In 2015, Toruń has launched open-access, free-of-charge, self-service bicycle repair stations. So far, residents have been provided with three such stations, whose locations have been selected in consultation with them. They can be used for some simple and quick service, such as seat adjustment, screw-tightening, handlebars adjustment or tyre pumping.

The stations are equipped with high-quality tools for basic bicycle maintenance. These include adjustable and fixed spanners, screwdrivers with different bits, tyre levers and pumps with different nozzles. The tools are fixed to the station and weather-protected. For easier bike maintenance, users can hang their bikes.

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