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Zbigniew Fiderewicz

Zbigniew Fiderewicz

First Deputy Mayor of Toruń

Deputy of Mayor of Toruń supervising municipal economy, investments and renovations, sport and tourism, education, natural environment protection, the protection of monuments.

He graduated from the Law Faculty of the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Postgraduate School of Local Government and Local Development at Warsaw University, as well as many courses on inter alia management in health care, human resources management, issues of health insurance and social welfare in the European Union.

Born in 1956, he is a native citizen of Toruń. He began his work in public administration in 1977 and worked in the Toruń Voivodship Office for 10 years. He became involved with the City Hall of Toruń in 1987, taking over the management of the Department of Health and Social Policy.

He is involved in activities aimed at preserving the cultural heritage. Since 2005, he has been elected the Vice President of the "UNESCO League of Polish cities and places" Association. He is a member of the Program Board of the "Signs of Time" Centre for Contemporary Art.

As a sports enthusiast, since 2008 he has been serving as Vice President for sporting issues at the Polish Ice Hockey Federation. On 17 February 2010, together with a group of Toruń sailors, he circumnavigated Cape Horn. He is a yacht skipper , member of the Brotherhood of Cape Horners.

He is married and his wife, Krystyna, is the Deputy Head of the Toruń Waterworks Research Laboratory. He has an adult son, Paweł.

Hobbies: health promotion, sport, hunting, fishing, sea sailing.