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Serduszko w kolorze ukraińskiej flagi


The District Museum
Rynek Staromiejski 1

The museum has an over a century and a half tradition. You can find there rich collection of art works presented in the permanent exhibitions. The unit organises as well many interesting temporary exhibitions, mostly of historical character. The museum is divided into a couple of specialised departments:

  • The Old Town Hall and its Tower
    Rynek Staromiejski 1
    Permanent exhibitions:
    • Gothic Art Gallery
    • Courtroom
    • Old Toruń History and artistic craft 1233-1793
    • Bourgeois Room with bourgeois portraits gallery of 16th-18th centuries.
    • Royal Room - Pictorial Guide to the Kings and Queens of Poland
    • The gallery of Polish paintings from the half of the 18th century to the half of the 20th century.
    • The sacral art of the early modern Toruń
    • The treasure of Skrwilno Polish and foreign secular goldsmithery
    • Mints and Toruń coins 1233/1288-1765
  • The House of Nicholas Copernicus
    ul. Kopernika 15/17
    This division presents the exhibits connected with the life and activity of Nicholas Copernicus, who was born in Toruń. You will find here also the model of the town's shape in the times contemporary to Copernicus. In the cellars an interactive exhibition is available, devoted to the famous ginger delicacy and called "The World of Toruń Gingerbread".

  • The House under the Star
    Rynek Staromiejski 35
    In one of the most interesting tenement houses of Toruń built in the 13th century the collection of the Art of Orient is presented. The collection includes exhibits from China, Siam, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, India and Japan. You will find there paintings, woodcuts, bronze items, stone and wooden sculptures, as well as works of semi-precious stones, ceramics and fabrics.

  • The Eskens' House
    ul. Łazienna 16
    In the monumental 14th century building you can see e.g. the 3D model "the Book of Toruń". The permanent exhibitions are currently reconstructed.

  • Tony Halik Explorers' Museum
    ul. Franciszkańska 9/11
    This division of the District Museum was established in 2003, thanks to famous traveller and journalist Elżbieta Dzikowska. She passed to the museum memorabilia after her deceased husband -Tony Halik, who was born in Toruń. This couple explored together the wildest part of the world. The permanent exhibition includes the biographic part devoted to the globetrotter as well as many travel exhibits, constantly supplemented with new gifts by Elżbieta Dzikowska. (Currently this division is closed due to broadening the collection and rearranging the permanent exhibition, which will be presented also in the neighbouring house).

  • Museum of Toruń Gingerbread
    ul. Strumykowa 4
    The Museum is located in a former gingerbread factory of Gustav Weese in 4 Strumykowa Street. It is a place where the history has the smell and the taste of gingerbread adventure! We present an extraordinary interactive multimedia world of the most famous delicacy of Toruń. It is here where you can see the famous gingerbread molds, old stoves in which gingerbreads were baked, you can feel the smell of spices and listen to the amazing legends and stories. The visit cannot be without gingerbread workshop where you will be able to form your own traditional, real Toruń gingerbreads...

The Ethnographic Museum
Wały Gen. W. Sikorskiego 19

In the very centre of the town and direct neighbourhood of Old Town you can see cottages. This is an ethnographic park, the part of Ethnographic Museum. You can find there the exposition of folk buildings of Pomerania and Kujawy regions. In the museum's buildings permanent and temporary exhibitions are presented, connected with folk culture. The museum organises also many events promoting the knowledge about the traditions and contemporariness of countryside.

The Foundation of professor general Elżbieta Zawacka
The Archive and Pomerania Museum of AK and Military Service of Polish Women
ul. Podmurna 93

This museum commemorates the figure and activity of Elżbieta Zawacka, born in Toruń, died 2009. She was the soldier of Home Army (AK), the participant of Warsaw Uprising, the emissary of the ZWZ General Commander to the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief in London, the only woman among The Unseen and Silent, the prisoner of Stalinism period, the outstanding andragogist and social activist. The exhibition presenting the life and activity of "Zo" is an excellent lesson of war and after-the-war history.

University Museum
Collegium Maximum, Plac Rapackiego 1

The permanent exhibitions of the museum present the most valuable collection owned by Nicholas Copernicus University: from artistic ceramics of the 7th/6th centuries b.Ch., through the collection of European painting from 16th to 18th century, to the works of non-European cultures from the 17th-19th centuries. In the rector's hall you can see an exposition of silver insignias of HM Rector and the gallery of UMK Rectors portraits. The museum organises also many temporary exhibitions, presenting objects from the collection of the university Archive of Emigration.

The Museum of Gingerbread
ul. Rabiańska 9

The visitors of the museum are transferred to a 16th century bakery. After a short apprenticeship at a baking master they get historic baking licence, acquired when making gingerbread following the best recipes from five hundred years. The museum is an interactive way to get to know the history of Toruń and baking, attractive both for children and adults.

The Museum of Letters and Printing
ul. Szkolna 31, 87-122 Grębocin near Toruń

The museum was established in 2004, in a village Grębocin, 8km from Toruń. You can find there private collection of papery and printing crafts, including a unique form of interactive educating workshop.