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Serduszko w kolorze ukraińskiej flagi


Centre of Contemporary Art "Znaki Czasu"
Wały Gen. W. Sikorskiego 13

The centre, opened in 2008 is one of the newest buildings showing contemporary art in Poland. The modern, intermedia and interdisciplinary form of action, diversified programme, international cooperation, atmosphere friendly for creative leisure makes CSW a place of open discussion on the most important phenomena in art. Exhibitions, seminars, resident programs for artists, publications, education activity and making collections is the way how CSW Znaki Czasu becomes the part of contemporary art circuit.

Wozownia Art Gallery
ul. Rabiańska 20

The gallery presents the accomplishments of contemporary artists in both individual and collective exhibitions. It organises also cyclical Biennale of Small Painting Forms and Triennale Colour in Graphics. Apart from that in the gallery you can take part in lectures and presentations devoted to various art fields.

Children's Creative Art Centre and Gallery in Toruń
Rynek Nowomiejski 17

The gallery offers fine arts workshops foe children and youth. It initiates also artistic performances and educational programs, as well as exhibitions. The institution's aim is to raise wise, active and world-sensitive art receivers. The participants of the workshops organised in the gallery are frequently awarded during both Polish and international competitions. The unit organises also world-wide contests. The most important of them are, taking place alternately: International Contest of Fine Arts Works for Children and Youth "Always green, always blue" and International Graphics Biennale for Children and Youth. The gallery has also its branch at Kosciuszki street 41/47, where also workshops and exhibitions take place.

ZPAP Gallery
ul. Ducha Św. 8/12

A gallery run by the Toruń District of the Association of Polish Visual Artists (ZPAP). The unit organises cyclical exhibitions, mostly individual, presenting the works of ZPAP members, both from Toruń and other parts of Poland. The Toruń District of ZPAP organises also annual review of Toruń's society art, called "The Work of The Year" or "Spring Parlour" as it takes places in spring.

House of Muses Gallery and photo gallery
ul. Podmurna 1/3

Galleries active at The City Cultural Institution the House of Muses, showing exhibitions of contemporary artists, both local and from various parts of Poland. House of Muses Gallery shows mostly individual or collective exhibitions and the Photo gallery presents monograph exhibitions, field workshops and photography contests.

Forum Gallery
Fine Arts Department of UMK, ul. Sienkiewicza 30/32

A gallery established in the Department of Fine Arts of Nicholas Copernicus University. The gallery shows works of academic artists.

Rusz Gallery
Billboard at Chełmińska Road.

A gallery showing works cyclically on a billboard at a city market. Big-format pictures are connected with important social issues. Their aim is to move people and make them think about themselves and reality around them. The founders of Rusz Gallery, Joanna Górska and Rafał Góralski, are also the organisers of the International Festival of Billboard Art "Art Moves".

Pro Arte Gallery
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 9

A commercial gallery with permanent exposition "Jacek Yerka - a painter form Toruń".

Gallery of Sponsors
Haematology Department of the City Hospital, ul. Batorego

A special gallery, whose task is not only to present works of art, but also create by this art friendly and optimistic atmosphere in a place of weak and ill people.