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Special Concert in memory of Grzegorz Ciechowski

Koncert Specjalny Pamięci Grzegorza Ciechowskiego

Each year in December, the Special Concert in memory of Grzegorz Ciechowski is being organised in the Od Nowa club.

The charismatic leader of the Republika, also known as Obywatel G.C. and Grzegorz from Ciechów, the author of lyrics, composer and producer, died suddenly on 22 December 2001. The personality of Ciechowski, despite passing years, still influences music lovers, as well as artists, who draw their inspiration from his works. The concert organised in December proves that the music of the Republika leader is still alive. The student club at Bielany, which witnessed the greatest successes of the band and was also a place of its trials, bursts at the seams every year.

The invitation to attend the event is accepted by the greatest celebrities of the Polish stage. We hosted, inter alia, Justyna Steczkowska, Kasia Nosowska and Hey, Tomek Lipiński, Maria Peszek, Muniek Staszczyk, Kazik Staszewski, the Mech band and many others.

The list of artists remains unknown. Organisers do not reveal names of stars, though the uncertainty does not discourage fans, who flock to the Od Nowa club to hear the immortal songs of the Republika once again.

Organiser: the Student Creative Work Club "Od Nowa".

>>> Website: www.odnowa.umk.pl

Podczas koncertu ogłaszani są laureaci przyznawanej od 2002 roku Nagrody Artystycznej Miasta Torunia im. Grzegorza Ciechowskiego.

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